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Celebrate Halloween With Some Pumpkin Clip Art

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These free pumpkin clip art images are going to look great on whatever you're creating this Halloween, whether you're printing them out or leaving them online. Add them to a Halloween card, party invitation, flyer, or whatever else you're creating.

If you don't quite find what you're looking for among this list of pumpkin clip art images, also see my lists of free Halloween clip art images that includes all kinds of spooky clip art images besides pumpkins, and free fall clip...MORE art for more seasonal images.

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Tip: All of this pumpkin clip art is free to use on all your personal projects. If you plan on using the pumpkin clip art commercially you'll need to check with each website for whether you're allowed to use the images in that way.

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    Large orange pumpkin with a fly above it

    A search at Clker.com comes up with hundreds of free pumpkin clip art, each of which are available as small, medium, or large PNGs or an SVG file.

    There are pumpkin clip art pictures of jack o' lanterns, pumpkin pie, vines, Halloween banners, leaves, Fall signs, and more.

    There are several pages of images at Clker.com, so make sure you look through all of them to find onething unique.

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    A smiling jack o'lantern

    Webweaver's really has some great pumpkin clip art. Around 20 of them in fact!

    There are jack o' lanterns, pumpkin scarecrows, pumpkins with bats, pumpkins with moons, and even a pumpkin angel.

    Most of these pumpkin pictures are in the PNG image format, but the animated ones will save as GIFs.

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    A worried red pumpkin

    Openclipart has several dozen high quality pumpkin clip art you can download in small, medium, or large PNGs as well as in the PDF format and WMF document format.

    You can even edit these pumpkin images online before you download them, but be sure to look through all the different pages of pumpkin clip art at Openclipart before moving down this list.

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    Pumpkin lit from the inside
    Graphic Resources LLC

    If you're looking for some free vector pumpkin clip art, then look no further than 123Freevectors.

    There are over 200 pumpkin images you can download here. Many of them are actually downloaded from other websites, so you'll be taken through a few links before you can find the actual download link.

    These pumpkin images are in the AI file format.

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    Smiling pumpkins in a row

    I like Clipart Panda because it has other few dozen free pumpkin clip art and most of them are rather large in size, making them perfect for any project.

    Each download page shows how many times the image has been opened on Clipart Panda, how many times it's been downloaded, the file type the file's in (e.g. PNG), and the dimensions of the full image once you download it.

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    A trio of pumpkins with leaves

    Cliparting has 60+ free pumpkin clip art images of groups of pumpkins, single pumpkins, pumpkins still planted, pumpkins with leaves, jack o' lanterns, and even pumpkin pie.

    To get the highest quality image, click on the thumbnail once and then right-click to save the pumpkin.

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    A jack o'lantern with a black cat
    Backyard Gardener

    This collection of pumpkin clip art over at Backyard Gardner is one of my favorites, and I bet it will be yours too.

    There are all different sizes, shapes, and styles of pumpkin clip art here as well as a lot of other pumpkin fun. Some of these images animated GIFs while others are normal still images.

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    A vintage black and white Halloween illustration

     Hellas Multimedia

    You'll find 10 pages of pumpkin clip art over at Hellas Multimedia!

    Keep browsing through the pages to find both animated and non-animated pumpkin clip art.

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    A pumpkin surrounded by fall leaves

     Free Clip Art Now

    I adore these pumpkin clip art images which are a nice mix of black and white and colored images.

    Click on the pumpkin clip art image once to get more details about the download including its resolution and file size.

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    Illustration of someone's head stuck in a pumpkin
    © Clips Ahoy

    Visit all seven pages of Clips Ahoy's collection of pumpkin clip art or view specific categories like clip art images of carved pumpkins or even pumpkin pie.

    Be sure to click on the image twice of the pumpkin clip art you want to download to get the biggest image available, and then right-click it to choose to save it to your computer.