8 Free, Printable Christmas Thank You Cards

Print a Free Holiday Thank You Note

A Christmas thank you card with two red elves on the front.

Sending a Christmas thank you card is a wonderful way to thank a person for giving you a gift, helping you out around the holidays, or just for making your holiday an extra special time.

In the list below, you'll find Christmas thank you cards that are meant to be filled and out and sent by children but also some that are more suitable for adults to send. There's a great variety of styles as well, from the elegant to the modern.

If you're looking for some thank you notes that are more...MORE of an everyday style, you can find some ​free printable thank you cards that will work great.

If you're helping your child write a Christmas thank you card, here are some great tips on helping kids write thank you notes as well as some ways you can make those thank you notes extra special.

Tip: I recommend that you print these Christmas thank you cards out on cardstock but they also will look nice on regular printer paper. If you need an envelope, I have some free envelope templates so you can make your own.

You find tons of other Christmas freebies like these Christmas thank you cards. There are free printable Christmas gift tags, letters from Santa, Christmas cards, and a whole lot more.

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    A card that says "Thank You So Much." sitting upright on a table.
    Delia Creates

    The are some more thank you cards that aren't just for use after Christmas but they sure do fit nicely.

    There are two different styles of thank you cards here and you can print them on different colors of paper to get completely different looks. 

    You can download them one at a time and they're 6 x 4.5 inches.

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    Two Christmas thank you cards with room to write a message.
    Handmade Cuddles

    Here's other free Christmas thank you cards that are for kids to fill out to thank anyone who gave them a Christmas present this year.

    There are two versions of this Christmas thank you card available, one in blue for the boys and other in red for the girls.

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    A Christmas thank you card with a chalk-style reindeer on the front.
    Living Locurto

    Living Locurto has designed these lovely Christmas thank you cards with a chalk-style reindeer on them along with the words "Thank You."

    This free thank you card can be printed as a 4x6 size or as a mini card.

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    A Christmas thank you card with two red elves on the front.

    Allsorts has designed a Christmas thank you card that is free for you to download and print.

    Although this Christmas thank you card has a child-like quality to it I think that it would be a great thank you not for kids and adults alike.

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    A fill in the blank Christmas thank you card with a snowman and gifts
    Happy Go Lucky

    These two fill-in-the-blank Christmas thank you cards from Happy Go Lucky are great for kids. They teach kids to say thank you but proves that you don't need to write a whole essay to do so.

    One design features a snowman and gifts while the other design has a Christmas tree and presents. The kids will love either, and the friend or family member receiving them will feel appreciated.

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    Two green and red Christmas thank you cards on a table
    Fireflies + Mud Pies

    Fireflies + Mud Pies has designed these adorable Christmas thank you cards decorated in green and red. 

    These thank you cards are designed specifically for kids and give them a guideline on writing a thank you note. There are spaces for the name, gift, and then a place for their name. 

    After they've been filled out, consider letting your child further decorate them with pictures and stickers.

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    A green Christmas thank you note with a snowman and holly.
    In Between Laundry

    These Christmas thank you cards are perfect for the kids because there's a place for them to write the recipient's name, the gift they are thanking them for, why they like the gift, and then a place to sign their name.

    What a great way to let the kids show how much they appreciate their Christmas gifts this year.

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    Four vintage Christmas thank you cards.
    Organizing Homelife

    There are four free Christmas thank you cards available for you to print at Organizing Homelife - a nativity scene, penguin, polar bear, and reindeer.

    Along with the free Christmas thank you cards prints out a free envelope that you can fold and glue to match your card.